Can you mix Gingelly oil and coconut oil hair?

Gingelly oil and coconut oil can be mixed to massage the hair. When combined with sesame oil for hair massage, coconut oil functions as a deep conditioner that recovers damaged hair. For such therapies, mix equal measures of both oils and rub down them into your hair. Allow the care to settle for 30-40 min and wash with a gentle cleanser.

Gingelly Oil is a sesame seed oil. Sesame seeds are mainly cultivated in Africa and the Indian subcontinent. The outer shells of these seedlings erupt as they become mature. These seedlings are then pushed or toasted to extract the oil.

Gingelly oil Benefits For Hair:

Helps stop hair greying:

Gently rub your scalp and hair with Gingelly oil to prevent early greying. The oil has darker hair characteristics that aid in the conserving of your hair’s original colour. It is full of antioxidants, which battle the formation of oxidative stress and chemical products, in order to avoid grey hair.

Increases Hair Growth:

When you have hair fall, applying Gingelly oil to your scalp will make you grow new hair and inhibit breakouts. Massage Gingelly oil into your hair to enhance blood flow, which encourages hair growth.

Head lice treatment:

Gingelly oil is antibacterial, and applying it to the scalp can help combat fungi and bacteria diseases. To cure particular conditions, it can be mixed with oils such as neem and tea tree oil.

Dandruff protection:

Gingelly oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties which keep the scalp strong and hygienic. Massage Gingelly oil into your hair to protect breakouts and itchiness.

Heals Damaged And Dry Hair:

Severe heat is causing damage to the follicles. Even though Gingelly oil has healing benefits, it behaves as a cooling system. The oil is extremely potent and provides deep nutrition to heal great harm. For its moisturising properties, it is an exemplary performance for damaged hair. Also, it retains moisture in hair roots, restricting much further damage from warmth and smog.


Sesame seeds are highly beneficial to hair. Applying Gingelly oil for scalp massages and snacking sesame seeds can help you reach the wellness and lustre you’ve invariably preferred for the hair. Gingelly oil can be used in a wide range of ways of improving your hair habit. It can be used by itself or in combination with other hair oils. Gingelly oil is often used as a core for Ayurvedic treatments since its efficiency rises when merged with other Medicinal ingredients.