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Chiangshenghao 2000 AT7 Chiang Sheng-Hao, born in 1991, was awarded second place in the 2009 Intel Worldwide Science and Engineering Fair for his mathematical sciences project. The second exercise section started three million years ago, emplacing rhyolitic magma one hundred fifty meters 490 ft thick and 13 meters 43 ft lengthy optik bern throughout a single exercise occasion. Order John Deere alternative engines from Repower Specialists! We inventory complete tractor engine kits for skid steers, garden tractors, gators, and extra. John Deere 212 tractor with Kohler K301AQS. The John Deere 212 garden tractor is equipped with a Kohler K301AQS engine, a 0.5 L 29 cubic inch or 476 cm 2 1-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine can generate 11.9 horsepower 8.9 kW or 12.1 optimum powers 3500 rpm.